“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.”
-Matthew 25:35-36

Saint Andrew Catholic Church Tithe Policy

Tithe Policy:

The Parish of Saint Andrew allocates a certain portion of its annual budget as a tithe in support of local, national and international works toward charity, justice and the common good.

The tithe is 5% of donations to the Sunday offertory from the previous year and excludes envelopes for second collections, Christmas envelopes, Easter envelopes, and other special collections.

Tithes are given to groups working in the areas of direct service (charity, justice and the common good), education and advocacy (speaking and/or organizing on behalf of social justice issues).

1. The Social Justice and Outreach Committee will maintain a list of groups and organizations which may be eligible for funding and will designate tithe recipients with the approval of the Pastor.

2. The Pastoral Council may provide additional direction or recommendations to the Social Justice and Outreach Committee.

3. A form to request a tithe will be available to all parishioners by which they can recommend tithe recipients. Parish groups or individuals may also request “seed money” for new initiatives that support charity, justice or common good efforts.

4. Special consideration may be given to local organizations or initiatives that generate significant participation by St. Andrew’s parishioners.

5. Tithe recipients will be announced in the Sunday bulletin. Periodically there will be additional information about various recipients and their activities.

6. The SJOC in consultation with the Pastor will prepare the annual Tithe Budget. This Budget will be approved at the June SJOC meeting.

7. Before September 1 of each year the Social Justice and Outreach Committee will prepare an annual tithe report.

Selection of Tithes will be guided by:

1. Accountability – non-profit designees need to have proper mechanisms in place to ensure that the donation is used for the purposes intended. Organizations must be researched first before a tithe is assigned.

2. All tithes must support charity, justice or common good efforts in a way that is compatible with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

3. The Social Justice and Outreach Committee will set a policy of how to divide the tithe among direct service, education and advocacy efforts. In addition, the SJOC will set the annual distribution of direct service tithes among local, national and international efforts.

Tithe Request:

Please download the Tithe Request Form and submit.