Come extend love and help to those in need!

“The school of Christ is the school of charity. On the last day, when the general examination takes place, there will be no question at all on the text of Aristotle, the aphorisms of Hippocrates, or the paragraphs of Justinian. Charity will be the whole syllabus. ”
-St. Robert Bellermine


Following the rites of Christian burial, the people of Saint Andrew cater a reception in the parish to give grieving families an opportunity to meet with friends. This is offered at no cost to the family.

How can I help?

Parishioners wishing to be “on-call” for providing a dish for a funeral reception should contact Jean Hill at

Need healing?

The impact of a loved one’s death is sometime only felt long after the funeral. It often helps to talk about one’s grief and pain with someone who has had a similar experience. To arrange to meet with a parishioner who has suffered the death of a friend or family, please call the parish office at (864) 654-1757